Teleplasmiste Frequency Is The New Ecstasy CDs
Frequency Is The New Ecstasy

Teleplasmiste Frequency Is The New Ecstasy CDs

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Teleplasmiste is the duo of Mark O. Pilkington (Strange Attractor Press, Urthona) and Michael J. York (Coil, The Stargazer’s Assistant). The pair explores nature and electricity through a combination of vintage and contemporary synthesisers and acoustic pipes, creating a sound that furthers the heavy ambient kosmische continuum of Tangerine Dream, Cluster, Klaus Schulze and Coil.

“Given the duo’s antecedents – Coil, Cyclobe, the invigoratingly out-there Stargazer’s Assistant and as part of Shirley Collins’s recent backing group on Lodestar in the case of York, and for Pilkington as a member or guest of such psychonautical ensembles as Stëllä Märïs Drönë Örchësträ, Urthona, Mount Vernon Astral Temple and solo as The Asterism – it’s pleasing to report that Teleplasmiste contains elements of all the above and more.” – The Quietus

“Operating at the highest possible level. Outer Space, in fact.” – The Wire

“Spacey, in all the good ways. Inner Spacey. And Psychedelick as the day is looooooooooooong. You can’t tell where it’s from, this lilting music, but it’s definitely not here…” – Freq

1. A Gift of Unknown Things
2. Gravity is the Enemy
3. Ast┼Źdaan
4. Mind at Large
5. Fall of the Yak Man
6. Radioclast

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